SparkSkillZ Pubg Mobile Hack [Root]
SparkSkillZ Pubg Mobile Hack [Root]
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SparkSkillZ Pubg Mobile Hack [Root]



SparkSkillz Pubg Mobile Hack For Android Rooted Device With Highly Customizable ESP And Touch Simulation Aimbot Features.

Support All Pubg Mobile Version.

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SparckSkillz Is A Pubg Mobile Hack Supported On Root Devices, The Cheat Have Full Antiban Features Inside It.

SparkSkillz is a new version of sparkcheat which provides you a beautiful ESP Environment and With Player Health, Name, Player ID, Skeleton And Other Loot Features, ESP Of The SparkSkillz Is Fully Customizable And Easy To Use.

SparkSkillz Also Have Aimbot Touch Simulation Like Cheat Ninja And SparkCheats You Can Also Customize Aimbot With Many Features And The Position Of Aim Of Your CrossHair From Bottom To Neck Or Head Of Your Enemy, [You Can Also import Our Recommended Settings From Below]

This Hack Also Provides Bullet Track Features And Support All Pubg Mobile Version With Rooted Android Mobile.

SparkSkillz Features

  1. ESP – Fully Customizable
  4. VEHICLE And Other Things.
  5. Aimbot Touch Simulation With FOV Circle
  6. Bullet Track – Memory Feature


  • Pubg Global
  • Pubg Lite
  • Pubg Korea
  • Pubg India (BGMI)

SparkSkillz Is Available In Two Variants 1) LOCAL VERSION 2) GLOBAL VERSION.

LOCAL VERSION FOR: India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan | GLOBAL VERSION FOR: Other Country.

SparkSkillZ Pubg Hack Tutorial

  1. Purchase And Download SparkSkillz Latest Stab.
  2. Install Stub And Grant Root Permissions.
  3. Enter Your Key And Login.
  4. Download Hack Files According To Your Game’s Version Inside The Stub.
  5. Now Minimize SparkSkillz Stub And Open Your Game.
  6. Login Your Account Inside The Game And Minimize Your Game.
  7. Open The Stub And Click On Start, Go Back To Your Game And Apply Cheats.
  8. If You Want To Stop Cheats Click On Stop Button Inside The Stub.

SparkSkillz Pubg Hack Aimbot Settings

Copy Below Codes And Open SparkSkillz Stub, Go To Setting And Click On Import

{“name”:”SPARKSKILLZ”,”game”:”PUBG”,”vers”:”20220220″,”aa”:false,”ab”:true,”ac”:false,”ad”:false,”ae”:false,”af”:true,”ag”:true,”ah”:true,”ai”:true,”aj”:true,”ak”:true,”al”:true,”am”:true,”an”:true,”ao”:false,”ap”:false,”aq”:false,”ba”:-16776961,”bb”:-16711936,”bc”:-65536,”bd”:-65536,”be”:-197380,”ca”:true,”cb”:80,”cc”:5,”da”:false,”ib”:{“M416”:{“c”:-13762816,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”M249″:{“c”:-16769793,”b”:false,”bl”:false},”M24″:{“c”:-65318,”b”:false,”bl”:false},”FlareGun”:{“c”:-48060,”b”:false,”bl”:true},”AKM”:{“c”:-13762816,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”SCAR-L”:{“c”:-13762816,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”5.56mm”:{“c”:-9306368,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”3x”:{“c”:-7340288,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”4x”:{“c”:-7340288,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”6x”:{“c”:-7340288,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”Armor(L3)”:{“c”:-8323328,”b”:true,”bl”:false},”Helmet(L3)”:{“c”:-13893888,”b”:true,”bl”:false}},”ic”:[“6x”,”5.56mm”,”Smoke”,”Armor(L2)”,”BigBoat”,”Bandage”,”Dacia”,”Helmet(L2)”,”Futuristic Bus”,”PickUp Truck”,”FlareGun”,”Buggy”,”FirstAid”,”SnowBike”,”MiniBus”,”Semi Truck”,”3x”,”Plane”,”SnowBoard”,”MedKit”,”Injection”,”SnowMobile”,”LadaNiva”,”Coupe RB”,”AirDrop”,”Scooter”,”Molotov”,”Painkiller”,”Bag(L3)”,”4x”,”BRDM”,”Rony”,”UAZ”,”M416″,”7.62mm”,”Mirado”,”Tesla Model-Y”,”Motorcycle Cart”,”EnergyDrink”,”Monster Truck”,”Motor Glider”,”Anti-Gravity Bike”,”Mirado Open”,”Motorcycle”,”AKM”,”Armor(L3)”,”Tuk”,”SCAR-L”,”LootBox”,”Helmet(L3)”,”Fragnade”,”AquaRail”],”aaa”:2,”aab”:false,”aac”:true,”aad”:true,”aae”:false,”aaf”:false,”aag”:0,”aah”:0,”aai”:2,”aaj”:51,”aak”:16,”aal”:true,”aam”:580,”aan”:false,”aao”:28,”aap”:0,”aaq”:15,”aar”:false,”aas”:7}

The Safest Method To Use

  1. Only Enable “ESP” + “Touch Simulation AimBot”
  2. Keep the headshot chance below 30%
  3. Low 15↓ kills per game
  4. No brutal killings in the smoke and fog

Aimbot Settings:

  1. COMMON SETTINGS -> Aim FOV -> Less than 30
  2. AIM MODE -> Firing
  3. AIM TARGET -> Chest
  4. TOUCH AIMBOT SETTINGS -> Swipe Speed -> More than 30

About SparkSkillz

SparkSkillz Formerly SparckCheat Is A Memory Based Safe Hack For The Pubg Mobile Hack User, Support All Pubg Mobile Version With Rooted Android Device, It Have Beautiful ESP And Touch Simulation Aimbot Inside The STUB.

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