Desi Esp Apk


Live Updates: DESI ESP Pubg Mobile Cheat Status Live. Cheat Status: Online

Extra Sensory Perception

Walls aren’t an obstacle for Disruptor Wallhack.


Boom, headshot! Highly precise aimbot with auto-fire and no-scope aimbot.

Safe Hacks: ESP (Extra Sensory Percepton)

“High Risk” Menu Has The Most Bannable Options So Test Them In Guest First And Be Extra Careful And Use Them With Caution.

What Is Desi Esp ?

Desi ESP Is A Pubg Mobile Hacking Tool Which Gives You More Sequre And Powerfull Hacks Futures To Beat Your Enemy And Reach Highest Tire Every Season On Pubg Mobile.

Is Desi Esp Apk Free ?

Yes Desi Esp Apk Is Absolutely Free For EveryOne. You Can Download Desi Esp Latest Apk From This Page.

How To Use Desi ESP Apk ?

To Use SESI ESP Apk Open Your Pubg Mobile App Then Minimize It. Now Open DESI ESP Apk And Click On Start. Click For Detailed Tutorial.

Is This App Required Root ?

Desi ESP App Will Work With Both Root – Non-Root Devices.

We Recommend Rooted Device For More Security You Can Also Use VMOS


Desi ESP Is One Of The Best ESP Which Is Upgrading Day By Day Becouse So Many People Using It And It Have Cleare ESP Environment. ⚠️ Don't use Main ID⚠️ ⚠️ Important Thing: 100+reports = ID will be reviewed by pubg team (If abnormal stats/Gameplay == BAN) ⚠️ Sharing allowed with credit @desiesp ⚠️ Sudo hide if ur device gives ban or use antiban